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From a cubist angle2
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From a cubist angle2.


Cubism can be considered as one of the four major painting styles alongside Dadaism, Expressionism and Abstract art in 20th century European painting.


Cubism wants to be a direct record of what goes on in our heads when we look at things.


Cubism, as the word 'cube' implies, is about the reduction of an image to geometric figures, such as a cube, cone, sphere or pyramid.


The Cubist art movement took an artistic abstraction to a new height through a mathematical analysis of the recorded with the subsequent decomposition into its geometric forms.


From an art historical point of view, we can say that Cubism arose in the early 20th century as a reaction to intuitive Fauvism with its bright colors and flat shapes.


Cubism, on the other hand, moved in the direction of order, reflection and construction and made use of three-dimensionally represented forms.

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